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The Alentejo...

...the land of wide open spaces!

There is so much to enjoy when you take to the great outdoors in the Alentejo... wide open spaces, 'montado' (mediterranean cork or holm woodland), rugged cliffs and the vastness of the never-ending blue sky... Unwind with every step you take and leave your cares farther and farther behind?

Walking is a great way to get closer to nature. Routes come in varying degrees of difficulty, which means you can choose the one most suited to your physical capabilities and reap the benefits of a healthy outdoor activity. 

With this in mind, the goal of our 'Alentejo on Foot' project is to collate and standardise all the information available about the walking routes in the Alentejo region so that you can find the type of route most suited to your needs. Choose from search criteria such as extension, duration, difficulty rating, name and geographical location (by council). Since the information has come from a considerable number of sources and is structured in a variety of ways, we decided to keep the search criteria quite restricted in order to keep disparity to a minimum.

Most of the information on this website was provided by the relevant municipal councils but other organisations collaborated too. This means that if you have any questions relating to any of the routes, you should contact the organisation responsible. The CCDR will amend the information on the website at the request of the relevant organisation.


Come and discover the Alentejo on Foot!