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PR1 MFT - Walking Path among Watercouses

Route Information:

This path is characterized by its almost flat profile and by the frequent crossing of watercourses, features that make it easy and fresh for walking. Early on, the Roman bridge allows us to cross the Ribeira Grande. The montado is dense and consists of large holm oaks. Following the right bank of Cubo River we come to the Cubo Fountain and the Cubo Bridge, of uncertain origin. We move to the other margin of the river and ahead we arrive at the ruins of the Cubo Watermill. Then, we reverse our direction of travel in order to reach the Ribeira do Freixo, which we cross before it
joins the Ribeira Grande. The riverside corridors are leafy and dense. We head northeast to the point where the so-called Old Bridge was built. Here we start our return. We follow along the right bank of Ribeira Grande, which we cross by a road bridge built in an abandoned section of the national road EN18, and from there to the end, the path passes through farmland and olive groves.

This walking path is part of "Alentejo Feel Nature".
Council : Monforte
Extension : 4,6 Km
Duration : 1 h 45 m
Dificulty : Low
Type of Trail : Circular
Signage : Signalized Route
Brochure :
Trace route : (file for Google Earth)
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Coordinates (start of route) : Lat.: 39º03'27,24'' N Long.: 7º26'35,04'' W


The walking path can be made at any time of the year but users have to take some precautions with the high temperatures that can be felt during the summer and with the muddy ground or even covered with water during the winter or during periods of higher rainfall. The crossing of some water lines may be constrained in some periods of the year.
Provided by : Câmara Municipal Monforte Comunidade Intermunicipal do Alto Alentejo