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PR3 - Conquest of Terena

Route Information:

Leave Largo do Castelo (the castle's square), passing in front of the clock tower and pillory. Follow through the village of Terena, passing by the São Pedro church toward the entrance of the cemetery. Turn right and walk down the street toward the national highway 255 to then turn left, circling its curb until you reach the first turn, where you will take a dirt path that follows straight through Horta do Professor. Make the gentle climb all the way to the top, passing a cattle gate with a metal grid on the floor, until you reach a crossroad in the middle of the terrain. Turn right at a tight angle and then through the forests of cork trees, on the dirt path, which at one point makes a left turn followed by another to the right. Go straight through the terrain, passing through another cattle gate until you reach the paved municipal road where you must turn left and follow through the curb for about one kilometre, to then re-enter the forest, near the entrance to Monte da Coutada, where you will see a large cork oak. Head north, through the cork and holm oaks followed by extensive farmlands and small vegetable gardens. See the Albufeira de Lucefécit (reservoir) and take a left toward its dam, passing over two water-retaining walls. Walk along the wall of the dam and go see the unloading systems, where you have an excellent view over the water body, with the Terena Castle as backdrop. Go back to the path of access to the national road. Take a detour to the left, by the side of the road followed by a dirt path, to see the old bridge of Terena and then turn back, passing along the electrical substation. You can take the left, between the vineyard and the road. After the Ribeira da Cruz Bridge, turn left and follow the irrigation channel to see the Fortress Temple of Nossa Senhora da Boa Nova to the right, where you must turn into. Visit the Sanctuary and ask that it be opened, at the house opposite to it. Follow the paved road, passing the Cruzeiros, and after a gentle climb you will reach the cemetery and enter the village of Terena to return to the starting point.
Council : Alandroal
Extension : 15,2 Km
Duration : 4 h 0 m
Dificulty : Medium
Type of Trail : Circular
Signage : Signalized Route
Surface Type : beaten earth and asphalt
Coordinates (start of route) : Lat. : 38º37'16'' N Long.: 07º24'26'' W


This walking trail is part of Transalentejo Guide - a set of eleven walking trails structured in the area of influence of the Alqueva Lake and Guadiana River, in areas of special protection in terms of the by-laws of nature conservation.

Provided by : Alandroal Municipal Council Alentejo/Ribatejo Regional Tourist Entity